Access to the search facility on the RBO Register

I'm a Designated Person - How do I apply for access

Access to the RBO Register will shortly be restored to Designated Persons pending receipt of the BEN3A1 Designated Persons Administration Declaration form. (provided below)

The RBO will create a new master account to act as an administrator account, and access to your teams will be provided by sub accounts to that main account.

 For the RBO to provide access to a master account you will need to:

  1. appoint an authorised administrator on the attached BEN3A1 DP Admin Declaration Form,
  2. provide details of authorised users using the table below.*

 * the completed table does not have to be completed at the same time as the Admin Declaration Form. Please copy/paste the format below into excel.

 The link to the BEN3A1 Administration Form is fillable online and available on the link here

Please complete and return the Admin Declaration Form and you will be notified when access to the RBO Reports is granted to the 'master' account. Email to discrepancies@rbo.gov.ie 

*Due to the volumes of BEN3A1s received, it is not possible to acknowledge receipt of them. When the new Designated Persons RBO accounts have been created you will receive an email with your new login details.

Then return the completed BEN3A1 excel sheet when completed with the following information:

Appointment of Officers for an organisation which is a “designated person” as defined by Section. 25, Criminal Justice (Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing) Act 2010. 
Person authorising the officers for access to the RBO register   
Extend/add rows as required  
When completed, save as an excel and e-mail to discrepancies@rbo.gov.ie, making sure to cc the person authorising the person(s)
Num Name RBO Login Name Position  Official E-Mail Address
(used to create their RBO User Account)

How to search for data in the RBO Portal

Information on the beneficial ownership of an entity can only be accessed via the RBO Portal.

To view, you must first register and open an account in the RBO Portal.

Once registered, you can log into your RBO account, then search the relevant entity using the search facility at the top of the page.

Access to the beneficial ownership infromation is restricted in accordance with the recent ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Only Designated Persons can access the RBO Reports

The general public can search for the entity and the number of beneficial owners filed.

A video on “How To” search and purchase beneficial ownership details is available here: Search for Beneficial Ownership Details

Access to information

Regulations 24 and 25 of SI 110/ 2019 provides for two types of access to beneficial ownership information in the central register – “unrestricted access” and “restricted access”.

Consequently, there are two tiers of access to data in the RBO.

Tier One: unrestricted access to RBO data will be provided to authorized officers of the following organisations:


The Garda Síochána, Revenue Commissioners, competent authorities and CAB may disclose the information in the central register to any corresponding competent authority of another Member State (Regulation 24(9), SI 110/2019).

Tier Two: Restricted access to RBO data is available to:

  • designated persons required by Part 4 of the 2010 Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act to conduct customer due diligence tests (e.g. financial institutions, accountants, auditors, tax advisers, legal professionals and dealers in expensive goods such as houses, cars, jewelry, etc.)
Public Access:
  • in accordance with the recent ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union only the entity profile is available, but will show the number of beneficial owners filed.

Customer Account Top Up

  1. Click on the Payments icon on the left-hand side of the RBO Portal.
  2. Click on the Account Top Up button
  3. Enter the amount, then click on Top Up
  4. Confirm your ‘billing address’ details and click on the Continue to payments button on the bottom
  5. Enter Credit/Debit Card details and click on Pay Now
  6. If required for your records, click on Download Receipt
Please Note: 

The onus is on the person topping up to ensure the top up amount is correct as refunds are not available.

Partial refunds are also not possible.

Problems Purchasing RBO Reports

If you experience problems at the payments stage, please try the following
  • Clear your cache and browser history to reset your connection to the RBO Portal and clear old information
  • Clear your Cart and add a new Cart
  • Check you have allowed 3rd party cookies
  • Check you have not used an "&" or "()" in the name or address
  • Check that your Country Code is in line with your phone number
  • If your country is England, Wales, Scotland or Guernsey you should use the United Kingdom as the Country

If you still continue to experience difficulties, please email enquiries@rbo.gov.ie with a screenshot of the error.